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Increasing turnover

Durch CASHLINK einen höheren Umsatz erzielen? Das funktioniert!  
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Online commerce studies have shown that more customers complete their purchases when the retailer offers their preferred payment method. Individual payment methods were able to increase the sales of the retailers by up to 23 percent. CASHLINK currently offers direct debit, credit card, SOFORT Überweisung and PayPal. More payment options with CASHLINK means higher turnover for you!

Fast payment

By sending payment links, you make it easier for your customers to pay.  
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Payment links cannot only be paid for online banking on your home computer, but can also be paid for from anywhere on the move. All your customers need is an Internet connection. If customers can make their payments quickly and easily, you don’t wait long for your money. We will also inform you about payments with an automatic payment confirmation.

Hohe Transparenz

CASHLINK is simple and safe. This also applies to our Pricing.  
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For each successful transaction we charge a fee of 3.9  % of the transaction amount + €0.25 per payment (plus VAT). CASHLINK only charges for paid payment links. We do not charge a fee for any unsold payment links. You manage your payment links in an online dashboard in your browser. This means that you always have an overview of all payments!

How CASHLINK works

Create new payment link

Works without app on any device: Enter subject & amount, confirm and you will receive a personal secure payment link.

This is how your payment link could look like:

Send payment link

The payment link can be sent like any other normal link. No matter whether by email, WhatsApp, or on your bill.

You do not need your own website to use CASHLINK.

receive money

Your customers open your link and pay directly in the browser. This works like with large online shops. Thanks to CASHLINK you don’t even need a shop system. After a customer has paid, you will receive a payment confirmation immediately.

Your customers do not need to register with CASHLINK to pay.

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Die Daten Ihrer Kunden sind sicher


Your transactions are carried out according to the latest banking security standards. All connections with CASHLINK are 256-bit SSL-encrypted. We meet the highest requirements to protect your data and the data of your customers. Our security systems and encryption algorithms are regularly monitored and updated.

Gesicherte Server

Our servers are located exclusively in secure data centers. We store data exclusively in Germany and adhere strictly to the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act.


In addition to the security checks of the credit card organizations, a multi-level security system protects your transactions. This system detects suspicious transactions around the clock and in real time. Every payment submitted is checked intensively by CASHLINK before it is released.


Your customers are more satisfied if you offer them a simple payment solution. Studies show that the more payment methods a company offers, the higher the successful completion of a purchase. With CASHLINK you can offer almost any payment method, from direct debit to credit card and PayPal & Co.
CASHLINK is as simple as possible:
No registration for your customers
Payment solution can be used mobile everywhere
All common payment methods
Insured transactions up to an amount of €1,000
Simple and cost-effective integration - no programming skills required

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Simple and transparent pricing structure for all payment methods. No setup fees, no return debit note fees. You only have to pay the costs for successful transactions: 3.9  % plus €  0.25 for each successful payment (plus VAT).

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Einfache und transparente Preisstruktur

CASHLINK is simple. This also applies to our prices. You only pay for paid payment links!

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