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How to create a payment link for your invoice

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Create payment link

Works on any device and does not need an app: Enter reference & amount, confirm, and get a personal, secure payment link right away.

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Send payment link

You send the payment link together with your normal invoice, e. g. by e-mail, to your customer.
You do not need to have your own website to use CASHLINK.

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Receive money

Your customers only need to open the link and pay directly via their browser. This works just like big online shops. Thanks to CASHLINK, you do not even need a shop system. You receive a confirmation of payment as soon as a payment has been made by a customer.
Your customers do not need to register with CASHLINK for payment.

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Payment method

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Our payment system

For the payments of our business customers we use the payment provider Stripe. This is an American payment service. Stripe's customers include well-known companies such as facebook and the German DAX group SAP. Learn more about Stripe here:

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Increased sales

Generate more sales through CASHLINK? That works!  
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Studies on online shopping show that customers place more orders if a seller offers their preferred payment method. Individual payment methods can increase a seller’s sales by up to 23 percent. CASHLINK currently offers the following payment methods: credit card, PayPal and direct debit. More payment options with CASHLINK therefore mean increased sales for you!

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By sending payment links you make it simpler for your customers to pay.  
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Not only can the payment links be paid conveniently at home, they can also be used from anywhere and at any time. Your customers only need an Internet connection. And when your customers can pay easily and fast, you need not wait long for your money. We also send you a payment confirmation once a payment is made.

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CASHLINK is simple and safe. The same goes for our pricing  
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You only pay for successfully paid payment links. No fee will be charged for unpaid payment links that you have sent. Our Starter package has no monthly free. You may reduce transaction pay by booking our Premium and Enterprise packages. You may cancel your subscription anytime.

Pricing overview



Your transactions are carried out in accordance with the latest bank security standards. All connections with CASHLINK are encrypted with 256-bit SSL. We comply with the strictest requirements for optimal protection of your data and your customers’ data. Our security systems and encryption algorithms are monitored and updated regularly.

Secure servers

All our servers are located in secure data centers. All the data are exclusively stored in Germany and we strictly adhere to the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Privacy policy

No, your customers’ data are saved only to the extent required for the transaction. We generate income only through the fees we charge and not by using your data.

Fraud detection

In addition to the security checks by the relevant credit card institutions, we have a multi-level security system to secure your transactions. This system detects any conspicuous transactions round the clock and in real-time. CASHLINK reviews every payment transaction intensively before approval.


Your customers will be more satisfied if you offer them a practical payment solution. According to studies, the more payment methods a company offers, the higher the number of successful sales. CASHLINK enables you to offer all available payment methods, ranging from direct debit, credit cards, up to PayPal and the like.

CASHLINK is extremely easy:

  • No registration for your customers
  • Payment solution can be used anywhere and at all times
  • All common payment methods
  • Chargeback-secured transactions up to €250
  • Easy integration; no programming skills required

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Simple and transparent pricing structure for all payment methods. No setup fees, no dispute. You only have to pay the cost of successful transactions: 3.9 % plus €0.25 for each successful payment.

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